Interview notes- part 2

I wish I had blogged this earlier, before they fade off from my memory- but here is what I can remember. The company is medium sized. As usual, cannot mention the name of the company here.

1. Interview 1:recruiter: American:Female

The brief interview was very casual, she complimented on my perfume, and I think that set the tone of the interview for me. It being casual, and it relaxed me quite  a bit. She asked me

  • What was I looking for in terms of a career.
  • How my search was going.
  • Why I was leaving the previous company.
  • Explained me things about benefits.

2. Interviewer 2: chinese: development manager: male

asked me if I knew how to code in java script and html.

Asked me tons of resume stuff, mainly based on the process I followed.

  • My interaction with the developers.
  • My experience with the agile process.
  • What I liked about agile and what I didnt like about it.
  • What did I do when requirements were not available.
  • how did I handle difficult devs.
  • How much automation did I do?
  • What were stuff I would automate Vs not automate
  • What did I like about my previous company
  • what didn’t I like about it.
  • How did I handle cases where QA had to step in and say a release wasn’t happening.
  • How long were the agile process, how was the process followed from start to finish.
  • Did I have experience with offshore teams, and how did I intereact with them.
  • What problems did I face with the offshore teams.
  • How did I come up with test plans and testcases.
  • Were there review processes involved.  (these are some I remember 😛 )

Interview 3:(2 qa leads, one on call, one in person) – american male and female

  • What was the process followed.
  • What was my interaction with the devs
  • How did I interact with offshore teams.
  • What are my special interests.(outside work)
  • did I lead any projects.
  • How much did I automate, how did it work
  • In addition to that I asked them a lot of question, which I plan to post in another post which will perhaps go by the title ” I asked them this at the interview, is that ok 😛 “
  • They asked me why I would like to join company XYZ
  • What were some of the issues I came across when i dealt with offshore teams.

Interrview 4: The hiring manager: american : male

  • Why am I looking for a new job
  • What am I looking for in a job
  • Have I worked on automation
  • What have I done when there was a last minute bug found.
  • How do I handle developer relationship.
  • How did the agile process work for me?
  • Have I worked with the social aspect of a site
  • If given a choice between working for ecommerce vs social, which and why would I prefer it.
  • What would I prefer to work on, automation or manual
  • Have I played a lead role
  • Have I worked with off shore teams.
  • How much documents were required by the qa.
  • At what point did I htink a qa was necessary in a project.
  • how big was the qa team.
  • If each qa handled a particualar project, how did the qa’s interact, if any.
  • What did I like and dislike about manual and automation testing.
  • Why do I like to be a QA
  • Describe the agile process followed.
  • Gosh so many questions that I hardly remember any now.

Interview 6: Dev lead: american:female

  • Working relationship with the dev.
  • What am I looking for in a job.
  • Experience with agile.
  • Experience with offshore teams.
  • Describe my projects.
  • Manual testing vs automation testing, which one do I prefer.
  • What problems have I come across with offshore teams

Interview 7: QA manager, american male.

  • Relationship with the devs how I worked with them.
  • Experience with automation
  • Agile process that was followed.
  • lead experiecen
  • Automation experience
  • offshore experience

(Hell now they all begin to sound the same)

Interview 8: Development manager : american: male

  • relationshi with the dev
  • interaction with product managers
  • Who set priority and severity
  • agile process followed.
  • offshore team experience
  • What did the test plan and the test cases contain
  • When no requirements, how did I know what to test.
  • What is usually contained in a bug report.

Whew you would think? Wait on for round 2!!

Round 2:

Interview 1: Product manger: chinese american.

1. mainly interaction with the product manager.

2. Experience with offshore teams.

3. Lack of documentation, how do I handle it?

4. How do I come up with test plans and testcases?

5. what is my relationship with developers.

6. How do I handle the flow with the offshore teams?. Who handles the execution and development of testcases?

7. What do I like about QA.

8. Why am I interested in XYZ company.

Iterview 2: developer : american

blah pretty much the same question.

Interview 3: product manager;

pretty much the same questions.

As you can see, after a while it felt like I was repeating myself, and got quite boring. i would pause inbetween and say ” did I just mention this”. I was dry and thirty after 6 hors of talks- mainly repeating my sentences. After a while, expecially the second round, it was easy to see what they wanted in a QA, and round 2 was basically used to address the role they expected off me.

What I liked about the interview:

I didn’t have to market myself persay, it was mainly them getting to know me and my working style, and me getting to know theirs-most were pretty honest when it came to anwering my questions.

What  I didn’t like.

I think when a team decides to interview a candidate, its good to discuss on what the team is planning to touch upon, to

1. Explore the candidate a bit more.

2. remove the monotony of the whole  process.

3. make it more efficient.

But it also felt like the focus of the company is not necessarily techinical skills, but more of the personality match between the employees, in which case it does become necessary for the key people on the team to meet the candiate. I was surprised that there was more emphasis on process than on technical skills. Hardly any technical questions at all. but, having said that, the role does not need a technical person as such, but more of a communication, test, lead kinda person.

I am tired just typing this out- at the end of the interview i was left feeling like i repeated myself a lot. I need a break before I type the post”what did I ask, and show i have”post. Night folks. or morning, whatever the case may  be.










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