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Motivation despite a sucky week

Hey ABC,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for stepping in and stepping up to help being the proxy / buffer between API and our partners at CS / Product especially this past week.

It’s really enabled us to capture issues in detail, get organized, respond timely to our partners, while enabling the API team to focus on our scalability and stability work in Photos API.  You’ve been graceful and level headed, and that has really helped.

So, a big THANK YOU for doing what you’re doing.  Keep it up!



Time for change

The past week has been mind blowing. This blog has been converted to “work” stuff and well, this post is work related and personal as well.

I have done well in my quarterly reviews and as the quarters have gone by (read 5 years) my manager has relied on me, to such an extent that in his mind I was the manager. I refused the title every time it was brought up. ( that will need another post)

He quit two weeks ago, and I am in a different org all together. I will have a new manager very soon.

I was touched when he was asked to sum me up in a single word :-

  1. Well rounded
  2. Reliable
  3. “You will shine”

Yet, the imposter in me is refusing to take these as compliments, apparently its hard to receive compliments in BA. But, I am having a hard time taking it . Why?

  1. I feel I am not technical enough to be here in BA.
  2. I stopped feeling the job was challenging about 4 years ago.

I don’t want to do anything about 1. (this will need another post) . And point 2 makes me wonder if I have much more to offer. My new super boss (Read VP) seems to want to involve me in most things. It could be because I hold the knowledge in my head, and also my manager who quit told me he spoke very highly of me.

He also told me that I am better than the director I shall report to, and that I would have nothing to learn from him.

The question is , why am I here then? . And where should I go if not here? .

I feel sad to let go of a relationship I had established and had grown so used to . I did have tears at the farewell party we had.  I guess I am still sappy- even now, at work.

Not meant to be in the BA. I suppose.

Fibonacci series in Java

Well, its one thing to claim you know the OOPS Java concepts and entirely different when you start to code with it. I started off with a mess of code and finally thanks to certain code gurus, I could arrange it into OOPS concept and get it working. Most of the Java recursive fibonacci series out there, don’t print the series, but print the last and final number. So here you go. Enjoy. Its kinda basic. But there’s where I start.

Env: Eclipse IDE
Language: Java

package Fibonacci;

public class fibonacciCalculations {

int [] fib;
int size = 0;
public fibonacciCalculations(int k) {
fib = new int [k+1];
size = k+1;

void printSeries()
for (int i =0;i
System.out.println(fib[i] + "  ");
public int calculateFibonacci(int k)
if(k==0 || k ==1){
fib[k] = k;
else  {

return fib[k];



Save the above within package Fibonacci and name the file fibonacciCalculations

package Fibonacci;

public class callFibonacci{
public static void main(String args[]){
int n = 1;
fibonacciCalculations newFibonacci=new fibonacciCalculations(n);


Save the above within package Fibonacci and name the file callFibonacci