Individual contributor

I have been a QA for a while now, and enjoy it. When someone asked me if I wanted to move into coding- as in doing development. I didn’t think twice I just said ‘no, I like breaking stuff”. Its more funner. 

Being the solo QA has its drawbacks. Though I am part of the team, I am still an ‘individual contributor’ . When hiring is done for the team, example a developer, I am not included in the process- you know stuff like that. Or, if the team is going out for lunch, it’s usually the developers who hang out. 

Does it upset me?. I would lie if I said ‘no’. It does, but it effects me lesser with each passing year. Its good for me, but bad for the team. 

I am more than happy to be left alone- most of the time. No small talk, no fake laughs for jokes I don’t understand. And no trying hard to be accepted. No voicing opinions when I am not comfortable. 

Yet, when I do go out with the team, I always feel like I am the different one.  I think road trips , cross country trips are cool. I love camping, I think juice and sodas should be remove from the refrigerator section 😉 . I think we all should use our mugs and cups for coffee. I think we all need a water bottle for water. 

I think this is one reason which makes me wonder if I really care for the job. For me job is about the people. Or maybe I am not challenged by the job enough. 

My manager said this on my 1:1 ” i really need to include you” . I felt like this was really not my problem, maybe its his. He needs to do a better job at team building. I also feel it came up after I started working “away’ from the main office and doing my own thing. If the people are not a team, why do i want to go in? I might as well work and communicate via skype like we always do. 

Anyways, is it bothering me? Ofcourse it is,hence the post. But its bothering me lesser. Job is fun if the people are fun. If the team is fun. A team is fun if the manager makes it fun. There I said it, its not me.